A Review of Snap and Go Stroller Systems on The Market Today

Snap N Go baby strollers are gaining popularity with parents, because they are a massive time saver, and they are a full ‘travel system’ rather than just a pushchair. Let’s take a look at the reasons that so many parents love them.

The Main Benefits of SnG Strollers

Strollers come in a few different designs – from the standard ‘prams’ which are just old-fashioned buggies where the child is lying down, to the pushchairs that are more popular with parents of older kids. There are also ‘jogging strollers’ that are easier to push since they only have three wheels, and there are lightweight ‘umbrella strollers’ that are ideal for older kids, but that are not quite robust enough to take a younger baby. Most parents will end up using more than one stroller over the course of their child’s first few years – and your needs will change as your baby grows.

Car seat strollers are very convenient for parents because they are flexible and easy to use both in the car, on public transport, and as a pram and a pushchair. They are, in effect, a ‘carriage system’ – they have a bassinet that will snap onto the frame of the stroller. You can use this for the first three months when the child is still tiny and needs to lie flat, and then you can use a stroller seat when the child gets a little older. The seat can sometimes be used as a clip-in car seat as well, for maximum convenience. This means that you have got a single unit that can cover all the important modes of travel.

bady with dad on beachYou should note that these kinds of strollers are usually quite reliable and robust. They will fold up easily for quick storage, and they’re easy to handle when you’re out and about too. They’re lightweight, and they do double duty as a ‘car seat on wheels’. Often, the frame will have storage options built into it – so you can carry everything that you need for your baby pretty quickly.

Tips for Buying a New Stroller

When you’re looking for caddy strollers for sale, there are a few things that you should pay attention to. Remember that the best baby stroller car seat and stroller brands are the ones that can keep your child safe while you’re travelling with them – anything else, bulk, weight, style, is all a matter of preference, but safety is something you cannot compromise on. These ultra portable strollers are convenient and make it easy for you to switch between car and pram – which puts them ahead of the curve.

Make sure that you can use the stroller easily – that it’s easy to steer, easy to park, and easy to fold up. There’s not much point in having a stroller that will try to ‘run away from you’ at a moment’s notice, or that you can’t navigate around the grocery store.

mother with strollerRemember that when you’re folding up the stroller, you’ll probably be trying to keep one eye on your baby at the same time – whether that’s because you’ve just gotten home or because you’re on public transport. Either way, it’s important that you can fold up the stroller without too much difficulty – and that if you’re using the snap and go feature, you can securely put the seat into the frame, and take it out without fear of hurting your hands too. If the frame or the grips feel flimsy, then you are going to give yourself a lot of trouble, and you could be putting your child’s safety at risk.

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Don’t worry about how ‘light’ the stroller feels, though – light doesn’t mean flimsy. There are modern materials that are incredibly light and durable. What you’re looking for is a construction that is strong, and that feels sound. The seat should comfortably and decisively ‘snap’ into the frame. If it does that, then you’re in a good position.

You should check the quality of the breaks, too. Make sure that the rear wheels have parking breaks, so that even if you park the stroller on a gradient, you don’t have to worry about the stroller just running off downhill. This security and peace of mind can be invaluable.

Other Features to take note of…

Look at the handlebars, too – ideally, they should be padded, and they should be positioned in such a way that the person pushing the stroller doesn’t have to angle their wrists awkwardly to get a good grip and to control the stroller. Most good strollers have adjustable handles, and that’s paramount for making sure that you’re able to use them really easily and comfortably for prolonged periods of time.

snap and go stroller car seatAdded extras like cup holders and luggage bags are ‘nice to have,’ however, they are not essential unless you are going to be going out for long journeys with the stroller. Some families buy two strollers, a lightweight one for shorter trips, and something bulkier with a big basket for those longer rides. That’s a matter of personal preference – and your budget too. If you can buy only one stroller and expect to need it to last for the first six months or so, make sure it will serve you well for most of your needs.

You can expect to spend a good couple of hundred dollars on a snap and go stroller, but you can sometimes find them for sale second hand for less. If you put much stock in brand names, then you might end up spending a lot more for a new ‘designer’ stroller. However, do remember that any stroller sold by a reputable retailer in the USA will meet the required safety standards, so all you are paying for is something that looks a little nicer. In the end, the important thing is your child’s comfort and safety; that is all that matters.

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